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July 27, 2008


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Dawn Morrison

Love the blog and so glad you have it up, it's an easy way for us to keep up with you and all your trials and adventures!!! We miss you. Love, The Morrison crew

Gramma Bunny

SOOOO GOOD to here from you guys. I can't imagine being on a plane for 13.5 hours..OMG... Anders looks sooo cute with his hat..growing like a weed! Your house looks faboulous...hoping it is a one family dwelling. Thanks for sharing! Its gonna be an adventure!!
Miss you!
Danny and Bunny!


Great Blog. It is going to be a greeaat adventure. Your dog is lazy, and I hope you don't mind I've splinted his "lazy ear". Love Paul


I love yor blog name. Very cleaver. Ander's is sitting!
Love, Mom


So glad to hear from you. I can't wait to read all about life in Japan! Gail


Hi guys, its's really interesting to read about your new life in Asia. It is a totally different culture, but you guys will have some fun and adventures.

Ali sounds like you have already experienced a few adventures! Anders is just precious! Thanks for sending this through.

the Browns


Great idea and great name! This will help you avoid all those annoying "hello???? are you still alive?" emails! Can't wait for the next update. Love to all, Rachel


Thankyou so much for includng us in this blog. Anders looks to be a darling - like his cousins in NZ. Dawn will sympathise with the problem of driving on the left, but at least she can read the road signs! Love Margaret M

Ellen G.

It seems like you all have gotten over some big hurdles! Good luck with the language. Hope you all are finally settling in to life in Japan. It definitely sounds like an awesome adventure.


Congratulations on becoming a licensed driver and the new house! Love to all. I miss you guys!


I loved the blog. Very cute title. Sounds like every moment is an adventure. Shannon, I bet you are in heaven with all of the sushi.. :-) The boys have grown so much and Anders is adorable. Chase has a package for them. Please email me your address and I will send it. Love to all of you. Mandie


hi!! Who was your realtor?

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