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September 23, 2008


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Glad to hear you are finally "home." The kids are so cute! That playground could be anywhere in the US. Send your new address when you have a chance. xoxo Rach


I am glad you are finally getting settled. When do the pups get to join you? I can't believe how big the boys look. Lucien is so tall and lanky, and Jude looks just like Shan. Anders looks like the happiest baby!

We are doing well in Seattle, getting ready for winter #2. Our Goldendoodle puppy named Marley is proving to be a handful. I should have read the book before naming her! Rowan started Kindergarten - which I can't believe.

Take care - hugs and kisses...The Browns


It's actually bigger than I would have thought and it looks like it's super clean (unlike, say, my house). Lucien and Jude look so cute - I love Jude's pajamas and Lucien looks so grown-up! And the picture of Anders is adorable.

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