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September 07, 2008


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Sounds like you guys have been busy. I am glad you now have a neighborhood where you can at least have a simple conversation with your neighbors. Can't wait to see the pictures. Love to all....


You are superwoman! So glad we got to talk to you on Skype the other day, thanks for calling.

Bob Atkins

Good for you guys. I loved living on air bases (1967-75), and my dad sure loved coming home for lunch and seeing us kids when school wasn't in session. Cheers to you for weathering everything!



Wow! I can't even imagine all that with 3 kiddos - glad to hear you like where you are now. That's great. Can't wait to see pictures. Love to all of you.


I don't even know what to say, other than I would have had a breakdown! Glad to hear you are finally settled. Hopefully, the next few months will be easier.

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