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November 19, 2008


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Jude is too funny! - what kind of dog did he "steal"?


Some kind of white, fluffy, small designer dog. He was carring it around upside down. Yes: butt in Jude's face - front legs and head dangling straight down.

Dawn Morrison

That's hilarious about the dog. . . it will be great for everyone to see Radar again!!! I hear you about the paperwork and expense, that's why we left our cat behind. Glad you got a diagnosis for Jude that seems to fit. . . hopefully he'll improve quickly, I feel badly for him as it must be so frustrating for him to know what he wants to say but not be able to get it out. You really should win some kind of award for the things you've been through as a Mom!!! You're a great one through it all and those boys are adorable.

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