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January 15, 2009


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Oh my God! Thank God you are all OK! Thank God you weren't by yourself with 3 kids in the car! You and Brad certainly have some interesting karma . . .


Holy moly! I cannot believe your van caught on fire. I am so very happy that everyone is ok!

Danielle Reeder

I'm glad everyone is safe!! I thought things like that ONLY happened on TV!! Thank you for taking pictures....It makes it much more REAL for your loyal readers sitting at home!!! You are giving Linda a trip to remember!! Miss you!


After reading your blog and looking at the pictures I got chills all over again. I definitely do not feel the same about "child safety locks" after our experience. Please tell Danielle it WAS more excitement than I needed, especially since I will be visiting again before your tour is over.


Well, on the bright side, your day was way more interesting than mine.


Oh my God! I am glad to hear that everyone is safe and sound. I can't imagine. May the Enima RIP (along with said computer and lost toys...I hope Jude's prized Scooby suit is safe!).

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