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October 30, 2011


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Fantastic news about Jude!! What an amazing little guy with amazing parents dedicated to getting him to this place. His party looked fun and I'm very impressed by the pinata - you go girl. :) Hugs to all of you.


I love all your posts, Shannon!
You have such a wonderful way of sharing the events in your lives. I had to laugh at the Martha Stewart Halloween cake because yours looked so good. I HAD to look it up and sure enough, it's a total overachiever's cake...It's important to know our own limitations, I find!

Well done with Jude- I am sure his improvements are also due to your perseverance and his own hard work.

I especially had to chuckle at your first photo and caption- about the worst birthday party. Anders stuck in his little foam chair, 'everyone' gathered around...
I am sure all your boys will be much bolstered in life by your making things right for them, somehow, no matter what the circumstances- and here I am talking about your epic move from Japan in particular.

Enjoy your family, and know that your stories travel around the world and bring joy!


Thank you Sonnya and Dawn. I love it when both of you post about your cool lives in South Africa and New Zealand!

partytent huren

Granted, there will be some children who think it's the best party in the history of ever, but others will be cowering in a corner, blathering something about the man with the big feet, and the rest will be gleefully playing in a pile of horse poop. We kinda have to go with the tried-and-true: handing them a bunch water balloons and going back inside to have a drink.

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